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Turtle Tanks

Turtle tanks. Here we have the best tanks for your turtles, it will give your turtles the best space for ...

Cars and Motos

Cars and Motorcycle. Are you a lover of speed? Well travel faster than a turtle but without losing your shell ...

Children Books

Children's books about turtles. And to continue with those special moments, why not tell very funny and instructive stories like ...


Turtle toys. Play with with these fun turtle toys, you will see that turtles are not boring animals. We hope ...


Handmade You look for a handmade keychain of turtles, here it is and there is much more that you can ...

Turtle Cloth

Turtle clothes. Men. We hope you like our shirts with designs of turtles for men, if you are a lover ...

Turtle Cups

Beautiful Turtle Cups. Take your morning coffee or your tea in a beautiful mug with turtles. If you are looking ...


Turtle Jewelry Who said turtles are not elegant, find here jewelry that will make you look very daring but enviable ...


Here you can find my dear turtle or tortoise a long catalog of turtle products like turtle t-shirts, pants, mugs even turtle jewerly ! We hope you can find the items and turtles suovenirts that you are looking for and if not contact us to make a suggestion.

In this store you will find beautiful merchandise about turtles. From clothes to children’s books with turtles to coloring books.

Why do we like turtles?

Because they are nice! They help to maintain a natural balance and we can practically find it anywhere.

Who has not seen some characters like the master Oogway of Kun fu Panda, Leonardo or Donatello of the Ninja Turtles and he has not laughed or felt many emotions of empathy towards them.

But we must also be aware that they are animals that must be protected. The consumption of products such as their eggs are a clear threat and signs of predation. In this store do not be afraid that the products will not cause them to disappear or suffer!

We also invite you to take a walk around the beaches of El Salvador with its beautiful waves.

Buy some turtle products in this store !

Turtles and the sea.

Consume algae that allow many varieties of fish and other highly colorful marine species to reproduce and attract attention to practice diving.

So you know, welcome or welcome again to this your turtle shop, a store that does not destroy the environment