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The 7 amazing facts we love about turtles

Facts we love about turtles 🐢❤

You know we love turtles a lot, so we decided to collect a series of interesting facts about turtles in order to publish in this blog.

We considered the 7 facts that impress us a lot. Hope you like it 😉

1) They are not so slow as you think.

You know sea turtles are considered slow swimmers, but as the matters of fact we can lose a swimming race against them. Se turtles can swim up to 22 mph or 35 km/h.

Can you imagine challenging a sea turtle in water.


(All rights of image to Chandra Prakash – source)

2) Long live to turtles !

It is not a secret that turtles can live a really long life, some species, usually the larger ones as sea turtles can live around 80 years. The largest of turtles, the giant tortouse can live around 200 years. Comparing to human that can be maybe 3 lives !


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3) They are part of art and culture.

Another great facts about turtles is how they inspired a lot of artistic expressions  such fables and child stories, even they are part of mythology. In Hindu mythology the world is thought to rest on the backs of elephants who stand in the shell of a turtle.

(All rights to universal life church. source)

But how to forget something more to current popular culture. Our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or even master Oogway from Kunfu Panda. Turtle just inspired all human race in time.


4) Super hard shell.

Turtle shells are usually made by bones covered with karatin, those are super hard materials. Even a turtle maybe will not take well a shock because their bodies are not so hard. Ther are some news on internet that afirm an alligator fought againt a turtle shell and the turtle survived after 15 minutes of an alligator bit (2900 pound of pressure).

You know the form of the turtle shell helps to the design of helmets and bridges ? that is just an amazing fact!

5) They are everywhere.

This is another important facts about turtles, we can find turtles in any continent of the planet. They can adapt very well to different habitats. From North America to South America, from Europe to Asia, but maybe we will not find them in Antarctica.

You know in my country we can find them even in our gardens walking free and fresh specially in rainy days!

6) Keep calm with a turtle pet/friend.

Turtles are very nice pets (Friends) because they give your home a really sence of peace and calm. It is true you must provide them a really nice place to live and they are very gratefully about that.

Since they live really long they will be with you maybe all your life even your childs and maybe your grand childs will know your long lasting friend.

It is very important to teach the young ones to take care about this amazing animal (And all kind of living being).


7) They are cute, specially baby turtles.

Let´s accept it, they are super cute.



Well there is a really long list of facts about turtles, hope you like this post and please write your own facts in the comment box below.

🐢 Have a nice day ! 🐢